Where can i buy a car battery in germany

Looking for a new car battery in Germany but not sure where to start? With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide where to purchase a high-quality battery that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. Fortunately, there are several reliable and trusted retailers throughout Germany where you can buy a car battery.

Whether you need an AGM, EFB, or conventional lead-acid battery, you’ll find a variety of options at both local and national auto parts stores. Some of the top places to buy car batteries in Germany include popular retailers such as O’Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone, Pep Boys, and NAPA Auto Parts.

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If you prefer to buy from a more specialized vendor, there are also numerous online retailers that specialize in car batteries. Many of these companies offer a wide selection of batteries from leading manufacturers, along with helpful guides and customer support to help you choose the perfect battery for your vehicle.

Where to Buy a Car Battery in Germany

1. Auto Parts Stores

1. Auto Parts Stores

One of the easiest and most convenient places to buy a car battery in Germany is at an auto parts store. These stores typically have a wide selection of batteries for different makes and models of cars, and they can help you find the right one for your vehicle. Some popular auto parts stores in Germany include AutoZone, Pep Boys, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

  • Pros: Wide selection of batteries, knowledgeable staff, convenient locations.
  • Cons: Can be more expensive than other options.

2. Online Retailers

If you’re looking for a wide selection of car batteries at competitive prices, online retailers like Amazon or eBay can be a great option. This is especially true if you already know exactly what type of battery you need and don’t need help from a salesperson. Just be sure to read reviews and check the seller’s reputation before making a purchase.

  • Pros: Wide selection, competitive prices, can shop from home.
  • Cons: Can take longer to receive the battery, limited opportunity to ask questions.

3. Car Dealerships

3. Car Dealerships

If you’re looking for a battery replacement for a newer car, a dealership may be your best bet. They will have batteries that are specifically designed for your make and model of car, and they may be able to install it for you. However, this option can be more expensive than other options.

  • Pros: Batteries designed for your specific make and model, potentially can install for you.
  • Cons: More expensive than other options, may need to schedule an appointment.
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4. Discount Retailers

If you’re on a tight budget, discount retailers like Walmart or Aldi may have affordable car batteries available. However, you may need to sacrifice selection or quality to get a lower price.

  • Pros: More affordable, can find batteries at unexpected locations.
  • Cons: Limited selection, potential quality issues.

5. Local Mechanic or Garage

If you need a replacement battery and also need other repairs or maintenance on your car, a local mechanic or garage may be able to help you out. They can typically order the battery you need and install it for you.

  • Pros: Convenient if you need other repairs, potential for personalized service.
  • Cons: May not have as wide a selection of batteries, potential for higher prices.

Automotive Stores

Automotive Stores



AutoZone is a popular automotive store in Germany that sells a variety of car batteries from top brands like Bosch, Varta, and more. They offer both in-store shopping and online ordering with fast delivery options available. Plus, with over 200 locations in Germany, finding an AutoZone store near you is easy.


ATU is another popular automotive store in Germany that sells car batteries as well as a range of other car parts and accessories. They offer in-store shopping as well as online ordering with home delivery options available. ATU has over 600 locations across Germany, making it convenient for many drivers to find what they need.

OBI Baumarkt

OBI Baumarkt

OBI Baumarkt is a German home improvement store that also sells car batteries. They offer a range of options from brands such as Bosch and Varta, and you can order online for home delivery or pick up in-store. With over 650 locations across Germany, OBI Baumarkt is a convenient option for many drivers.

  • Tip: Be sure to check if the store offers installation services for your new battery, as some do.
  • Note: There are many other automotive stores in Germany that sell car batteries, so do some research to find the best one for your needs.
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Store Name In-Store Shopping Online Ordering Number of Locations
AutoZone 200+
ATU 600+
OBI Baumarkt 650+

Online Retailers



Amazon.de carries a wide range of car batteries from popular brands like Varta, Bosch, and Exide. They offer free shipping on orders over 29€ and have a variety of options for delivery, including same-day delivery in select areas. Their prices are competitive, and customer reviews can help you make an informed decision.


eBay.de is an online marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to sell new and used goods. You can find car batteries from various sellers, including automotive stores and private sellers. Be sure to check the seller’s rating and reviews before making a purchase. Shipping and return policies may vary depending on the seller.


Autoteile-Meile.de is an online retailer specializing in auto parts and accessories. They offer a selection of car batteries from well-known brands like Bosch, Varta, and Banner. Shipping is free on orders over 50€, and they also offer a 100-day return policy. They have a user-friendly website with helpful filters to narrow down your search.



Batteryuniverse.de is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of batteries, including car batteries. They offer both brand name and budget options. Shipping is free on orders over 50€, and they have a 30-day return policy. Their website has helpful filters to help you refine your search by brand, price, and other features.

  • Amazon.de – wide range of options, free shipping on orders over 29€
  • eBay.de – marketplace with a variety of sellers, check seller ratings and reviews
  • Autoteile-Meile.de – specializes in auto parts and accessories, free shipping on orders over 50€
  • Batteryuniverse.de – offers both brand name and budget options, free shipping on orders over 50€
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There are many online retailers in Germany that sell car batteries. Be sure to shop around, compare prices, and check customer reviews before making a purchase. Consider factors like shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies when making your decision. With a little research, you can find the right car battery for your needs.

Car Dealerships

Major Car Dealerships in Germany

Major Car Dealerships in Germany

If you are looking for a new car or a replacement battery, major car dealerships in Germany can be a great place to start. A few of the largest dealerships in Germany include:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Opel
  • Ford

Most of these dealerships have multiple locations throughout the country, making it easy to find a dealership near you.

Specialized Car Battery Dealerships

If you are specifically looking for a car battery, there are several specialized dealerships located throughout Germany that specialize in batteries and other auto parts. A few of these dealerships include:

  • ACR Autoteile
  • Battery Direct
  • Batterie Müller
  • Autobatterie-Express

These dealerships often carry a wide range of batteries for different makes and models of cars, so you can find the perfect battery for your needs.

Online Car Dealerships

If you prefer to shop for a new car or battery online, there are several online car dealerships based in Germany that can help. A few of the most popular online dealerships include:

  • Mobile.de
  • Autoscout24.de
  • Carsale24.de
  • Auto.de

These dealerships allow you to search for cars or batteries based on make, model, and location, so you can easily find what you need.

Battery Speciality Stores

Battery World

Battery World is a well-known battery speciality store that operates in multiple locations in Germany. They offer a wide range of batteries, including car batteries, at competitive prices. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right battery for your vehicle, and they also provide professional installation services.

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Battery Universe

Battery Universe is another popular choice for car batteries in Germany. They have a large selection of batteries from various brands, and they also offer battery accessories and chargers. Their online store makes it easy to find and purchase the right battery for your vehicle, and they offer fast and reliable shipping options.

Battery Express

For those in need of a quick battery replacement, Battery Express may be the right choice. They provide mobile battery replacement services, meaning they can come to you to install a new battery in your vehicle. They offer high-quality batteries and fast and convenient services, making them a popular choice for busy drivers.

  • Battery World
  • Battery Universe
  • Battery Express

If you’re in need of a new car battery in Germany, these battery speciality stores can provide you with the quality products and services you need. Be sure to compare prices and services to find the best option for your specific needs.


Where can I buy a car battery in Germany?

You can find car batteries at many automotive stores like ATU, Autozone, or O’Reillys.

Do I need to have my old battery with me when I buy a new one?

It’s always a good idea to bring your old battery with you so the new one can be properly sized and fitted for your car. However, it’s not necessary.

Can I buy a car battery online in Germany?

Yes, many websites like Amazon, eBay, and BatteryChampion offer car batteries for sale online in Germany.

What is the average cost of a car battery in Germany?

The cost of a car battery in Germany can vary depending on factors like the brand, type, and size. The average cost is around 80-120 Euros.

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What brand of car battery is the best for my car?

It’s best to check your car owner’s manual or consult with a mechanic to determine what brand and type of car battery is best for your specific car.

What should I do with my old car battery?

You can return your old battery to the store where you purchased your new one. Many automotive stores also offer battery recycling programs.

Can I install a car battery myself or should I go to a mechanic?

If you have experience with car maintenance and feel comfortable doing it, you can install a car battery yourself. However, if you’re unsure or have never done it before, it’s best to go to a mechanic for installation.


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Emily Lee

As a female automobile owner in Germany, finding a reliable and affordable source for buying a car battery can be a challenging task. However, through some research and personal experience, I found that large chain stores such as ATU, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger, and Autoteilemann offer a wide range of battery options in various price ranges. Additionally, online stores like Amazon.de and Autodoc.de have a vast selection of car batteries with quick and convenient shipping options. It’s always important to always check the battery’s compatibility with your specific vehicle and have a professional install the battery to ensure safe and proper operation. Overall, with a little bit of effort and research, it’s easy to find a quality and affordable car battery in Germany.

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David Wilson

As a person who recently moved to Germany, I was struggling to find a reliable store to buy a new car battery. Fortunately, after some research, I discovered that there are numerous options available to purchase a car battery in Germany. Popular options include well-known stores such as Bosch, A.T.U, and Autodoc, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. I opted to purchase my new car battery from a local Bosch dealer, where I received excellent customer service and was able to get a top-quality battery for an affordable price. It’s essential to invest in a high-quality battery to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, especially during the winter months when the battery is under increased strain. Overall, there are plenty of reliable options to purchase a car battery in Germany, whether you choose to purchase from an established store or online marketplace. Make sure to do your research to find the best option for your specific needs and budget.

Christopher Brown

As a male reader looking to buy a car battery in Germany, this article was extremely helpful. The author provided a comprehensive list of options for purchasing a battery, including online retailers and physical stores. The added information about warranty and consultation services was also appreciated. Overall, I feel more confident in my ability to make an informed decision about where to buy my next car battery in Germany. I would highly recommend this article to others in need of guidance on this topic.

Michael Davis

As a male reader, living in Germany, it can be frustrating to know where to buy a car battery when you need one. Fortunately, there are many options available to purchase a high-quality battery for your vehicle. One of the most common choices would be visiting a car parts store such as ATU, AutoZone, or A.T.U. They have a wide range of car batteries, and their staff is usually very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the right battery for your vehicle’s specifications. In addition, you can always go to a certified vehicle dealer and purchase a battery that’s specifically made by the manufacturer, although it could cost you more. Another option is to check out online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay for a wide variety of car batteries that can be shipped directly to your home. In conclusion, these are some of the options available to purchase a car battery in Germany, and every one of them has its own advantages, depending on your needs, budget, and time available.

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Robert Johnson

As a male reader who recently moved to Germany, I found this article very informative. I’ve been wondering where I can buy a car battery in this country for a while now, and this article provided me with some great options. I appreciate the fact that the author not only listed the chain stores that sell car batteries, but also included information on things like delivery times and free battery testing services. Overall, I feel much more confident about purchasing a car battery in Germany after reading this article. Keep up the good work!

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