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History of Odyssey Battery

The history of the Odyssey battery is interesting. In 1888, William W. Gibbs, of the Electric storage Battery Company, purchased a patent for an advanced storage battery from a French inventor. Over the years, during which improvements were made to the battery, the company changed hands several times.
In 2002, it was acquired by the EnerSys Corporation that is headquartered in Pennsylvania. They are known throughout the world for their production of the powerful Odyssey battery.The Odyssey is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery with a thin lead plate. A large number of these places, which are made of 99.99% pure lead, are fitted into the battery producing more plate surface.
This plate surface allows the battery to produce twice as much power as regular batteries, lengthens its life and allows it to withstand heavy usage and rough conditions. This is especially important in construction and other work that involves the movement of heavy equipment while requiring a constant source of power.
The EnerSys Coporation produces the Odyssey Racing Battery, Odyssey Heavy-Duty Battery and the Odyssey Start Battery each of which are built to handle specific situations. From heavy construction to the weekend fisherman, a battery is specifically designed to offer the best in reliability and power.
With this design, the company offers a Odyssey Extreme Series, Performance Series and a Marine Series Battery. All have an excellent warranty and a 2-year full replacement guarantee, which is not prorated.

Outstanding characteristics of Odyssey batteries are:

This battery is used in automotive, marine, commercial and power sport venues. However, fishermen, both pleasure and commercial, have found this an excellent choice for a battery.
The Odyssey battery eliminates the worry of a motor going dead in the middle of a good fishing trip, has an extremely long life, outstanding starting ability and supplies double to triple power of that provided by a conventional battery.
When out fishing, you often run into the problem of extreme heat or cold, which usually will affect your battery’s performance. The Odyssey battery is not only designed to withstand extreme weather but also withstands high vibration, constant pounding and high revving.
In addition, it has welded intercell connections that control extreme vibration and it is especially designed to prevent acid spillage. These features are important when fishing in rough water.
It is possible to get a battery for your particular type of vehicle. For example: If you have a 1991 Yamaho boat, Model WR500 WaveRunner, Motor Model PC625 with a 499cc engine, you would want a PC625 battery. This makes it easy to find the exact model for your special situation.
Obtaining more information on Odyssey batteries is only a phone call away. Whether you are a company or an individual, this is the type of battery that will perform with high efficiency regardless of the type of motor involved.

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