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How much is a car battery at sears

If you’re in need of a new car battery, you may be wondering how much it will cost you. Sears is a popular destination for car batteries, but the cost can vary depending on a few different factors. In this article, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a car battery at Sears.

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First, it’s important to note that the cost of a car battery will depend on the type of battery you need. There are different types of car batteries, and they vary in size and power output. Additionally, the cost will depend on any promotions or sales that Sears may be running at the time. So, while we can’t give you an exact cost, we can give you an idea of what to expect.

How Much Is a Car Battery at Sears: A Guide

How Much Is a Car Battery at Sears: A Guide

The Cost of a Car Battery at Sears

When it comes to purchasing a car battery, the cost can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, type, and size of the battery. At Sears, the range of car battery prices typically falls between $100 and $300.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, you can opt for a lower-priced battery, such as a DieHard Battery, which sells for approximately $100. Higher-end options like the DieHard Platinum Battery can cost over $200.

Factors That Affect the Price of a Car Battery at Sears

Factors That Affect the Price of a Car Battery at Sears

As mentioned earlier, several factors can affect the price of a car battery at Sears. The most significant factor is the size of the battery, followed by the brand, type, and any features that the battery may offer.

The size of the battery may vary depending on the make and model of your car. It’s important to purchase a battery that’s the correct size for your vehicle to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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The brand of the battery can also affect the price. At Sears, you can find several brands such as DieHard, Odyssey, and Optima, all of which vary in price and performance.

Additional Information About Purchasing a Car Battery at Sears

When purchasing a car battery at Sears, it’s crucial to check warranty options, return policies, and installation services. Sears offers a 3-year full-replacement warranty for their DieHard and DieHard Platinum batteries, which covers any defects or issues with the battery.

Lastly, if you’re uncomfortable with installing the battery yourself, Sears offers installation services for an additional fee.

So there you have it – a guide to how much a car battery costs at Sears. Remember to keep these factors in mind and weigh your options before making a purchase.

Types of Car Batteries Offered at Sears

Lead Acid Batteries

Sears offers a variety of lead acid batteries for your car, ranging from standard flooded batteries to sealed AGM batteries. These types of batteries are the most common and affordable option for most cars. They are also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries

If you’re looking for a lighter and more energy-efficient option, Sears also offers lithium ion batteries. These batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries but offer longer lifespan, faster charging times, and greater performance. They are ideal for high-performance cars or hybrids.

Gel Batteries

Gel Batteries

For those living in colder climates, gel batteries are a great option. They are able to handle extreme temperatures and have a longer lifespan than lead acid batteries. Gel batteries also require less maintenance since they do not need to be topped off with water like other batteries.

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Deep Cycle Batteries

If you have a car that requires a lot of power, such as an RV or a boat, Sears also offers deep cycle batteries. These batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power and withstand continuous use. They are also more expensive than other types of batteries but are necessary for certain types of vehicles.


With so many different types of car batteries to choose from, finding the right one for your vehicle can be overwhelming. At Sears, you can find a wide range of batteries to fit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a standard lead acid battery or something more advanced like a lithium ion battery, Sears has you covered.

Factors That Affect the Price of Car Batteries

Battery Chemistry

One of the main factors that affect the price of a car battery is its chemistry. Most batteries fall into one of three main categories: lead-acid, AGM, and lithium-ion. Lead-acid batteries are the cheapest and most commonly used type of car battery, while AGM batteries are more expensive but offer better performance. Lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive and are typically only used in high-end, high-performance vehicles.

Battery Size

The size of a car battery also plays a significant role in its price. Generally, larger batteries have a higher capacity and are more expensive than smaller ones. However, larger batteries also tend to have a longer lifespan, which can make them a better value in the long run.

Brand and Quality

The brand and quality of a car battery can also affect its price. Batteries from well-known brands that are known for their quality and reliability tend to be more expensive than those from less reputable brands. However, investing in a high-quality battery can save you money in the long run by providing better performance and a longer lifespan.

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Retailer Markup

The retailer markup is another factor that can affect the price of a car battery. Some retailers, such as auto parts stores, may charge more for a battery to cover their overhead costs, while others, such as big-box retailers, may offer batteries at a lower price due to their lower overhead and economies of scale. Shopping around and comparing prices from different retailers can help you find the best deal on a car battery.

Manufacturer Promotions and Rebates

Manufacturer Promotions and Rebates

Finally, manufacturer promotions and rebates can also affect the price of a car battery. Some manufacturers offer discounts or rebates to customers who purchase their batteries, which can significantly reduce the cost. Checking for any current promotions or rebates before purchasing a battery can help you save money.

Average Pricing for Car Batteries at Sears

Average Pricing for Car Batteries at Sears


Sears is one of the most popular retailers of car batteries in the United States. The company offers a large variety of car batteries from top manufacturers such as DieHard and Odyssey. The pricing for these batteries varies depending on the brand, type, and size of the battery.

Average pricing for car batteries

The pricing for car batteries at Sears ranges from about $50 to $300. The average cost of a car battery at Sears is around $150. The price can depend on the type of battery as well. For instance, the conventional lead-acid battery is less expensive than the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, which provides a higher level of performance.

Different types of car batteries offered by Sears

Different types of car batteries offered by Sears

  • Conventional lead-acid battery – This type of battery is relatively inexpensive and is suitable for older vehicles with a simple electrical system.
  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery – This type of battery is more expensive but provides a higher level of performance. It is suitable for newer vehicles with advanced electrical systems.
  • Deep cycle battery – This type of battery is designed to provide long-lasting power to devices such as boats and RVs.
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When shopping for a car battery at Sears, it’s essential to consider factors such as the brand, type, and size of the battery. The pricing for these batteries varies but is generally affordable, with an average cost of around $150.

Best Deals and Discounts at Sears for Car Batteries


When your car battery starts showing signs of weakness, it is important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent getting stranded on the road. Sears offers a wide range of car batteries to meet your needs, from top-of-the-line brands to affordable, budget-friendly options. Read on to learn about the best deals and discounts currently available at Sears for car batteries.

Discounts and Offers

Sears regularly offers discounts and promotions on their selection of car batteries. One ongoing offer is their DieHard Battery Sale, which includes savings of up to 25% off select DieHard batteries that are available for purchase in-store or online. Additionally, Sears offers a price match guarantee, which means they will match the price of any identical car battery that is sold by their competitors.

Choosing the Right Battery

Before purchasing a car battery, it is important to consider the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your individual power needs. Sears offers a helpful battery selector tool on their website, which can narrow down the options based on your vehicle’s specifications.

When selecting a battery, it is also important to choose a reputable brand that ensures quality and reliability. Sears carries top brands such as DieHard, Exide, and Odyssey, which offer excellent performance and durability.

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With a wide selection of car batteries and ongoing discounts and promotions, Sears is a great destination to purchase a new car battery. By considering your individual needs and using Sears’ tools and resources, you can make an informed choice and keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably.


What is the average price of a car battery at Sears?

The price of a car battery at Sears can vary depending on the brand and model. On average, a car battery at Sears can cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

What brands of car batteries does Sears offer?

Sears offers a wide variety of car battery brands such as Diehard, Optima, Energizer, and Bosch.

Do Sears car batteries come with a warranty?

Yes, Sears car batteries come with a warranty. The length of the warranty can vary depending on the battery brand and model. Some warranties can be as long as 3-5 years.

Can I install the car battery myself or do I have to go to Sears?

You can install the car battery yourself or you can have Sears install it for you. However, if you install the battery yourself, you may void the warranty if something goes wrong during the installation process.

What type of car battery should I buy?

The type of car battery you should buy depends on your vehicle and the climate you live in. It is best to consult with a Sears technician to ensure you purchase the correct battery for your car.

Does Sears offer any discounts or promotions on car batteries?

Sears does offer discounts and promotions on car batteries from time to time. It is best to check the Sears website or visit a store to see if any current discounts are available.

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What is the return policy for car batteries at Sears?

The return policy for car batteries at Sears can vary depending on the battery brand and model. It is best to check with a Sears technician or customer service representative for the specific return policy on the battery you are considering purchasing.


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William Smith

As a man who’s had to replace his car battery a few times, I can say that Sears is a great place to shop for them. Depending on the brand and size, car batteries can range in price from $80 to $200 at Sears. However, the great thing about shopping at Sears is that they often have sales and promotions that can bring the price down significantly. Plus, the staff at Sears are knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect battery for your car. Overall, I highly recommend checking out Sears for all your car battery needs.

Thomas Brown

As a man who is always driving, I am constantly worried about whether my car battery is going to die. Recently, I wondered how much it would cost to replace it if it did die. That’s when I stumbled upon the “How much is a car battery at Sears” article. It was an excellent resource, providing me with all the information I needed at a glance. I was impressed with the variety of batteries they had and their affordable prices. As an added bonus, Sears also includes installation with their battery purchases. Overall, I found the article very helpful and I would definitely recommend anyone in the same situation as me to check out this article and visit Sears for their battery needs.

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Sarah Williams

As a woman who is always on the go, I rely heavily on my car to get me from place to place. Unfortunately, my car battery recently died, and I needed to find a replacement. After doing some research, I decided to check out Sears’ selection of car batteries. I was pleasantly surprised by their prices. They had a great variety of options, ranging from budget-friendly to higher-end batteries. I ended up purchasing a mid-range battery at a reasonable price. The customer service at Sears was also exceptional. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful, and they even installed the battery for me. Overall, I would highly recommend Sears to anyone looking for a new car battery.

Charles Wilson

As a car owner, it’s important to know where to purchase a reliable car battery. I was curious about the prices at Sears, so I did some research. Depending on the type of car battery you need, prices at sears can vary from $100 to $200. Although this may not be the cheapest option, I value quality and longevity when it comes to car batteries. Additionally, Sears offers installation services, which can be convenient for those who are not comfortable installing a car battery themselves. Overall, while it may be pricier than other options, Sears offers dependable car batteries and installation services that could be worth investing in for your vehicle.

Olivia Thompson

As a female car owner, I found the article “How much is a car battery at sears” very informative. I was always puzzled about the costs of car batteries and where to buy them. The article explained the various types of batteries and their price ranges available at Sears. I was also glad to learn that Sears offers a free battery test to determine if a replacement is needed, saving me time and money. Overall, the article gave me a good understanding of what to expect and how to budget for a car battery. I will definitely consider shopping at Sears for my next battery replacement.

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