What to do old car battery

As car owners, we all know the importance of having a good battery in our vehicles. However, eventually, all car batteries must be replaced. But what should you do with your old battery once it is no longer functional or no longer needed?

First and foremost, it is important to note that car batteries are considered hazardous waste and should not be disposed of in regular trash cans. In fact, it is illegal to throw them away in most places. But don’t worry, there are several safe and responsible ways to get rid of your old car battery.

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One option is to recycle the battery. Most auto parts stores and automotive service centers will accept old car batteries for recycling. These places have the necessary equipment to safely dispose of the battery and extract its recyclable materials.

Another option is to trade in your old battery for a new one. Many automotive retailers offer a discount or rebate if you bring in your old battery for recycling. This not only helps you get rid of the old battery responsibly, but it also saves you money on your replacement battery.

Ultimately, the goal is to dispose of your old car battery in a way that is environmentally responsible and compliant with the law. Be sure to check your local regulations and do your part to protect the planet by properly disposing of your old car battery.

What to do with an old car battery

What to do with an old car battery


One of the best things you can do with an old car battery is to recycle it. The lead and plastic components of your battery can be reused to make new batteries and other products. Recycling centers and auto parts stores often have programs in place to accept used batteries for recycling. On top of being an environmentally responsible thing to do, recycling your used battery may earn you a bit of cashback in the form of a small rebate.


If your old car battery is still working but just not cutting it for your vehicle anymore, consider donating it to someone else in need. Organizations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army may accept used batteries. Additionally, local mechanics or repair shops may be able to use your battery for testing or as a backup in a pinch. Making an effort to donate or provide your unwanted battery to someone else is a great way to extend its usefulness and prevent waste.

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While disposing of your old battery is not the preferable option, sometimes it is necessary. However, before you throw it in the trash, be sure to check with your local environmental authorities to find out the proper way to dispose of it. Many states have specific regulations in place for the disposal of lead-acid batteries, as they can be dangerous if not handled properly. Do your research to ensure you are following the proper protocol.



Another option for your old car battery is to sell it as scrap. Many scrap yards will pay for used batteries since they contain valuable materials like lead and acid. Don’t expect a huge payout, but getting a few bucks for something you were just going to discard is worth considering.

Recycling options for old car batteries

Local recycling center

Local recycling center

If you have an old car battery that is no longer useful and you want to dispose of it safely, check if your local recycling center accepts car batteries. Most recycling centers have a designated area for hazardous waste, and car batteries are classified as hazardous.

Battery retailers

Many large battery retailers offer a recycling program for old car batteries. Some stores even provide discounts or credit towards a new battery if you bring in an old one for recycling. Call your local battery retailer to see if they offer a recycling program for car batteries.

Automotive repair shops

Some larger automotive repair shops also accept old car batteries for recycling. They may even offer to dispose of the old battery for you when you purchase a new one. Call your local auto repair shops to see what their policies are for recycling old car batteries.

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Municipal waste facilities

In some areas, municipal waste facilities may accept old car batteries for recycling. Call your city or town’s waste disposal department for more information about their policies and procedures.

Environmental impact

It is important to recycle old car batteries to prevent them from ending up in landfills, where they can release harmful chemicals into the soil and water. By recycling your old car battery, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of hazardous waste.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling old car batteries, as they can be hazardous. Do not attempt to dismantle or dispose of the battery yourself if you are not trained to do so.

  • Recycle your old car battery at a local recycling center
  • Check with battery retailers and automotive repair shops for recycling programs
  • Call your city or town’s waste disposal department to see if they accept car batteries for recycling

Safe disposal methods for old car batteries


One of the best options for disposing of old car batteries is to recycle them. Many auto parts stores and recycling centers accept old batteries for recycling. Recycling helps to prevent toxic lead and acid from contaminating the environment. The lead can be reused in the production of new batteries, and the acid can be neutralized and safely disposed of.



Another option is to trade in your old battery when purchasing a new one. Many auto parts stores offer a discount or credit for returning your old battery. This helps to ensure that the old battery is properly disposed of and recycled.

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Safe Disposal

Safe Disposal

If recycling or trade-in options are not available, it is important to dispose of old car batteries safely. Do not throw old batteries in the trash, as they can leak harmful chemicals and pose a hazard to sanitation workers and the environment. Instead, take the battery to a hazardous waste facility or contact your local government for proper disposal methods.

  • Wrap the battery in plastic or a non-conductive material to prevent any accidental short circuits.
  • Store the battery in a safe place, away from heat, flames, or sparks.
  • Avoid tilting or dropping the battery, as this can cause acid to leak.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling an old battery, as the lead and acid can be harmful if ingested or absorbed.

Remember, proper disposal of old car batteries is important for protecting the environment and human health. Choose a safe disposal method that works best for you and do your part to keep our planet safe.

Reusing old car batteries for alternative purposes



Old car batteries can be reused in various ways instead of simply being disposed of. Recycling them is a great solution that helps to reduce pollution, but there are alternative ways of giving our old batteries a new lease of life. In this article, we are going to explore some creative ways you can reuse your old car battery.

The DIY approach

The DIY approach

If you have a DIY spirit, you can repurpose your old car battery to create a backup power system. You can use the battery to power up your home during an electrical power outage. With a power inverter, you can convert the stored energy from the battery to AC power to run appliances such as lights, refrigerators, and air conditioners. This alternative will save you a lot of money on electricity bills and serve as a reliable backup power source.

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Sell the battery

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can opt to sell your old car battery. You can sell it to a scrapyard, recycling facility, or online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. You can also sell it to an auto parts store, which may offer you a discount on the purchase of a new car battery. Selling the battery is an excellent way to make some extra money and help the environment.


Reusing old car batteries has several benefits, and we should not take the easy route of throwing them away. Instead, we can explore alternative ways to reuse them and minimize their impact on the environment. We hope that this article has inspired you to think creatively about how you can repurpose your old car battery.


What should I do with my old car battery?

You can recycle it at a local recycling center or auto parts store. Many of these locations will pay you for your old battery.

Can I throw my old car battery in the trash?

No, it is illegal to throw a car battery in the trash because it contains hazardous materials. You should always recycle it instead.

What are the environmental impacts of not recycling a car battery?

If a car battery is not recycled, it can lead to harmful chemicals and heavy metals, like lead and acid, leaching into the soil and waterways. This can cause damage to the environment, wildlife, and potentially human health.

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How often should I replace my car battery?

Most car batteries last between 3-5 years, depending on usage and maintenance. However, it’s important to monitor its performance and check for signs of wear and tear, like slow starting or dimming headlights.

Can I reuse an old car battery?

It is possible to reuse an old car battery by recharging it with a battery charger. However, it’s important to note that this process can be dangerous and should only be done by professionals.

What happens to the old car batteries once they are recycled?

Old car batteries are typically broken down and their parts are reused to make new batteries, or other products like stainless steel and lead sheets.

Why is it important to recycle car batteries?

Recycling car batteries is important because it reduces the amount of hazardous waste in landfills and prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into the environment. It also conserves natural resources and reduces the need for mining and processing new materials.


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