Where can i drop off a car battery

Proper disposal of car batteries is essential for protecting the environment and ensuring public safety. Car batteries contain harmful chemicals, including lead and sulfuric acid, which can cause serious environmental and health problems if not disposed of correctly. Many states and local governments have laws regulating the disposal of car batteries to minimize these risks.

If you are wondering where you can drop off a car battery, you have several options. Many auto parts stores, such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts, have programs that allow customers to bring in old car batteries for recycling at no charge. These stores partner with recycling companies to ensure responsible disposal of used batteries.

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Other popular options for car battery recycling include municipal recycling centers, which typically have drop-off locations for hazardous waste, and county and city household hazardous waste disposal programs. These programs are often free or low-cost and are designed to help you dispose of hazardous waste materials such as batteries, paint, solvents, and other chemicals safely.

Ultimately, the proper disposal of car batteries is important for protecting both public health and the environment. Make sure to take advantage of the many resources available to help you recycle your old car batteries, and always dispose of these items responsibly.

Where to Drop Off Used Car Batteries

Where to Drop Off Used Car Batteries

Local Auto Stores

Local Auto Stores

Many local auto stores offer a battery recycling program where you can drop off your used car battery. Check with your local auto parts or auto supply store to see if they offer this service. Some stores may offer incentives such as store credit or discounts on future purchases for recycling your battery.

Recycling Centers

If your local auto store doesn’t offer a battery recycling program, check with your local recycling center. Many recycling centers accept used car batteries for recycling. Some may require a small fee for drop off while others may accept it for free. Check with your local center for their specific guidelines and fees.

Municipal Waste Disposal Site

If you can’t find a local auto store or recycling center that accepts used car batteries, check with your local municipal waste disposal site. Many disposal sites accept household hazardous waste including used car batteries. Some may charge a small fee for drop off.

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Battery Retailers

Battery Retailers

If you purchased your new car battery from a retailer, they may offer a program where you can drop off your used battery for recycling. Check with the retailer where you purchased your new car battery to see if they offer a recycling program.

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling a used car battery.
  • Do not dispose of a used car battery in the regular trash, as it can leak toxic materials into the environment.

Recycling your used car battery is not only good for the environment, but it’s also required by law in many states. Be sure to properly dispose of your used car battery to help protect our planet.

Local Auto Parts Stores

Local Auto Parts Stores

Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced Auto Parts

If you’re looking for a place to drop off your car battery, Advanced Auto Parts is a great option to consider. This popular auto parts store has numerous locations across the country, offering a convenient way to recycle your battery and pick up any other auto parts you need. Advanced Auto Parts is committed to sustainable practices and offers a variety of recycling services, including battery recycling.

How to recycle your battery:

  • Bring your battery to the nearest Advanced Auto Parts location
  • Hand your battery to the store employee and let them know you’re dropping it off for recycling
  • If you need a new battery, you can purchase one at the same time and get a discount for recycling your old one



Another popular auto parts store chain is AutoZone. Like Advanced Auto Parts, AutoZone has locations throughout the country and offers battery recycling services. By recycling your old battery at AutoZone, you can help reduce waste and protect the environment while also getting rid of something you no longer need.

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How to recycle your battery:

  1. Take your used battery to the nearest AutoZone location
  2. Let the staff know you need to recycle your battery
  3. The staff will take care of the rest, making sure your battery is properly disposed of and recycled

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O'Reilly Auto Parts

For those living in regions where neither Advanced Auto Parts nor AutoZone are available, O’Reilly Auto Parts is another great option. This auto parts store chain has over 5,000 stores in 47 states, making it the perfect place to drop off your old car battery. O’Reilly Auto Parts also offers a range of recycling services, including battery recycling.

How to recycle your battery:

Step Instruction
1 Bring your used battery to your nearest O’Reilly Auto Parts store
2 Let the staff know you need to recycle your battery
3 The staff will provide assistance and take care of the rest, ensuring your battery is recycled safely

If you’re not sure where your nearest Advanced Auto Parts, AutoZone, or O’Reilly Auto Parts store is located, visit their website to use the store locator tool. Recycling your car battery is important for protecting the planet, and with so many convenient locations, there is no excuse not to do your part.

Recycling Centers

Recycling Centers

Local Recycling Centers

Local Recycling Centers

Most cities have local recycling centers where you can drop off a car battery for proper disposal. Check your local directory or do a quick online search to find the nearest recycling center to your home. Make sure to call ahead to confirm they accept car batteries and if there are any specific regulations or fees.

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Retail Stores

Several retail stores also offer drop-off services for car batteries, such as AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts. They may also offer a discount on a new battery purchase when you bring in your old one. Check with your local store for details and restrictions.

National Recycling Programs

There are several national recycling programs like Call2Recycle and Battery Council International that offer collection sites for car batteries. You can search their websites for a nearby collection site or mail in your battery for recycling. Some programs also offer incentives or rewards for participating in their recycling program.

Risks of Improper Disposal

Risks of Improper Disposal

It is important to properly dispose of your car battery as it contains hazardous materials such as lead and sulfuric acid. Improper disposal can lead to environmental contamination and harm to humans and wildlife. When in doubt, always consult with a professional or local recycling center for safe disposal options.

  • Avoid disposing of your car battery in the trash
  • Do not attempt to dismantle or recycle the battery yourself
  • Keep car batteries away from heat and flame
  • Store car batteries in a cool, dry place until disposal


Where can I dispose of a car battery?

You can dispose of a car battery at auto parts stores, recycling centers, or hazardous waste facilities. Some companies even offer battery drop-off events where you can bring in your old batteries.

Can I throw away my old car battery?

No, you should never throw away a car battery in the trash as they contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment. You should always dispose of car batteries properly.

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What should I do if I can’t find a battery drop-off location near me?

You can reach out to your local government or waste management company for guidance on proper battery disposal. They may also be able to provide information on upcoming battery drop-off events in your area.

Can I recycle a damaged car battery?

In most cases, yes. However, it’s important to take extra precautions when handling damaged car batteries as they may leak or release dangerous chemicals. It’s recommended to bring damaged batteries to a hazardous waste facility for safe disposal.

What happens to a car battery after it’s dropped off for recycling?

Once a car battery is dropped off for recycling, it’s transported to a recycling facility where it’s broken down into its component parts. The lead and plastic are then separated and processed for reuse in the production of new batteries or other products.

Is it okay to store old car batteries in my garage until I can find a drop-off location?

No, it’s not recommended to store old car batteries in your garage or any other enclosed space as they can release dangerous chemicals and gases. It’s best to bring old batteries for disposal as soon as possible.

Can I get paid for dropping off my old car battery for recycling?

Some recycling facilities offer a small cash incentive for dropping off old car batteries, but this varies by location. It’s best to check with your local facility or recycling center to see if they offer any incentives or compensation.

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