Where can i sell old car batteries near me

If you’re looking to dispose of your old car battery, the good news is that you can sell it for a profit instead of simply tossing it in the garbage. Car batteries contain valuable metals and materials such as lead and acid that can be recycled and reused in new batteries.

So, where can you sell your old car batteries near you? There are a number of options available, from local scrap yards and auto parts stores to online marketplaces and recycling centers. Finding the right option for your needs will depend on factors such as proximity, convenience, and pricing.

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One popular option is to visit a local scrap yard or auto parts store that buys used car batteries from customers. These locations may offer competitive pricing and may be able to provide immediate payment for your battery.

If you’re looking for more convenience, you may consider selling your old car battery online through websites such as eBay or Craigslist. These marketplaces allow you to list your battery for sale and connect with interested buyers in your area.

Where to Sell Old Car Batteries Near Me

Where to Sell Old Car Batteries Near Me

Auto Parts Stores

One of the most convenient places to sell old car batteries is at auto parts stores. Many stores offer cash or store credit for used batteries. Call ahead to ask about their policy and pricing.

Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards

Scrap yards are another option for selling old car batteries. These businesses will pay for scrap metal, including batteries. Make sure to call ahead to get an idea of pricing and requirements.

Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

There are many online marketplaces where you can sell old car batteries, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Be sure to accurately describe the battery and its condition, and consider offering local pickup to avoid shipping costs.

Local Recycling Centers

Local recycling centers may also accept batteries for recycling and may pay a small fee for them. Give them a call to inquire about their policy and pricing.

Note: When selling old car batteries, it is important to dispose of them properly. Avoid tossing them in the trash or leaving them laying around. Look for authorized disposal sites in your area, or ask the buyer if they will dispose of it properly.

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Why Sell Your Old Car Batteries

Environmental Concerns

One of the main reasons to sell your old car batteries is to reduce environmental impact. Car batteries are composed of lead and acid, both of which are hazardous for the environment. By selling your used batteries, you ensure they are properly disposed of or recycled.

Earn Money

Earn Money

Another compelling reason to sell your old car batteries is to earn money. Recycling centers often pay cash for used batteries, meaning you can turn your trash into treasure. The amount you receive for your battery will depend on the current market price for lead.

Keep Your Community Clean

Keep Your Community Clean

By selling your old car batteries, you help keep your community clean. Dumping old batteries in landfill sites or leaving them lying around can lead to serious environmental problems. You can do your part in keeping your neighborhood clean and sustainable by selling your old batteries to proper recycling centers.



Many cities have local recycling centers that will accept old car batteries, making the process of selling them easy and convenient. Instead of allowing your old battery to take up space in your garage or yard, you can easily drop it off at a local center and earn money in the process.

  • Earn money by selling old car batteries
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Keep your community clean and sustainable
  • Convenient disposal options available

How to Sell Your Old Car Batteries

1. Find a Local Recycling Center

1. Find a Local Recycling Center

If you’re looking to sell your old car batteries, the first thing you should do is find a local recycling center. These centers will usually pay you for the batteries because they are made up of valuable metals like lead and zinc that can be recycled and used again. Look for recycling centers in your area online or in the phone book.

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2. Check with Auto Parts Stores

Auto parts stores may also be willing to purchase your old car batteries from you. These stores often have a recycling program where they will pay you for your battery or give you a discount on a new one if you bring in your old one. Call around to local auto parts stores to see if they offer this service.

3. Sell Online

3. Sell Online

If you can’t find a local buyer for your old car batteries, you can try selling them online. Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace allow you to post ads for free. Be sure to include details about the battery’s condition and any other information a buyer would need to know.

4. Attend Local Scrap Metal Events

Many communities hold scrap metal events throughout the year where residents can bring in their old metal items, including car batteries, to be purchased by scrap metal dealers. Check with your local government or recycling center to see if any events are coming up in your area.

Selling your old car batteries is a great way to not only make some extra cash but also do your part for the environment by recycling them properly. With a little bit of research and effort, you can find a buyer for your batteries in no time!


Where can I sell old car batteries near me?

There are several options for selling old car batteries near you. You can check with local auto parts stores, recycling centers, or scrap metal yards. Some cities also offer collection events for hazardous waste, including old car batteries.

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What is the average price for selling an old car battery?

The price for an old car battery varies depending on the market demand and location. Generally, the average price ranges from $5 to $15 per battery.

Can I recycle car batteries for money?

Yes, you can recycle car batteries for money. Many auto parts stores, recycling centers, and scrap metal yards offer cash for old car batteries.

What happens to old car batteries that are recycled?

Old car batteries that are recycled are typically broken down into their component materials, including lead, acid, and plastic. These materials are then used to make new batteries or other products.

Is it safe to sell old car batteries?

Yes, it is safe to sell old car batteries. However, it is important to handle them carefully as they contain hazardous materials. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling old car batteries.

Are there any restrictions on selling old car batteries?

Yes, there are restrictions on selling old car batteries. Some states require sellers to have a permit or license to sell hazardous materials. Additionally, some auto parts stores and scrap yards may have their own restrictions or policies on purchasing old car batteries.

What should I do if I can’t find a place to sell my old car battery?

If you can’t find a place to sell your old car battery, you can try contacting your local government or waste management department for guidance. They may be able to provide information on disposal options or collection events in your area.

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As a woman who is environmentally conscious, I always stress on the importance of properly disposing of old car batteries. When I recently needed to get rid of my old car battery, I did some research and found out a few places that accepted them for recycling. Firstly, I contacted my local recycling center, and they were more than happy to accept my old car battery. They even gave me tips on how to safely transport it to their center. Secondly, I got in touch with a nearby auto parts store, and they exchanged my old battery for a new one for a reasonable price. Lastly, I even found a company that paid for old car batteries. They offered a pick-up service, which was extremely convenient for me. I was glad to learn that there are several options available for selling or disposing of old car batteries, and taking such steps helps towards preserving the environment and keeping our surroundings clean.

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