Who buys dead car batteries in reno nv

Dead car batteries are a common problem for car owners, and disposing of them properly is essential for the environment. In Reno, NV, there are several options for recycling or selling your dead car batteries.

If you’re wondering who buys dead car batteries in Reno, NV, the answer is recycling centers, scrap metal yards, and auto parts stores. These companies will pay you for your dead batteries, and they will recycle them to recover the lead and other materials.

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Recycling your car battery instead of throwing it away is not only environmentally friendly but also helps to conserve natural resources. Battery recycling centers have become more common in recent years due to the growing demand for sustainable waste management practices.

In this article, we will discuss the places where you can sell your dead car batteries in Reno, NV and the benefits of recycling them. We will also provide some tips on how to handle and maintain your car battery to prolong its lifespan and reduce the chances of premature failure.

Who Buys Dead Car Batteries in Reno NV?


Dead car batteries can be a real headache for many car owners in Reno NV. It is important to know what to do with your dead car battery when it does inevitably die. One option for getting rid of it is to sell it to a buyer who specializes in purchasing automotive batteries.

Where to Sell:

There are several places in Reno NV where you can sell dead car batteries. Local auto parts stores and scrap yards are common places to start looking for buyers. Many of these businesses will offer cash in exchange for your dead battery.

What to Consider:

What to Consider:

When selling your dead car battery, it is important to consider the condition of the battery as well as its age. Factors such as the make and model of your vehicle can also impact the value of your battery.


Overall, there are several options for selling a dead car battery in Reno NV. It is important to do your research and consider the best option for your specific situation. Whether you choose to sell it at an auto parts store or scrap yard, selling your dead battery can be a great way to make some extra cash.

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Choosing the Right Buyer

Choosing the Right Buyer

Look for Trustworthy Companies

Look for Trustworthy Companies

When it comes to selling your dead car batteries, it’s important to choose the right buyer. One of the most important factors to consider is trust. Look for companies that have a good reputation in the industry. You can check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to see what other customers have to say about their experience with the buyer.

Compare Prices

Compare Prices

Price is another important factor to consider when choosing a buyer for your dead car batteries. You want to make sure you are getting a fair price for your batteries. Compare prices from different buyers to find the best deal. It’s also important to ask if there are any additional fees or charges so you don’t end up with a lower payout than expected.

Check for Proper Recycling Practices

Another important consideration when choosing a buyer for your dead car batteries is their recycling practices. You want to ensure that the buyer recycles the batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Look for buyers who have proper recycling certifications and follow industry standards.

Consider Convenience

Lastly, consider the convenience of the buyer’s services. Look for a buyer who offers easy and accessible options for selling your dead car batteries. Some buyers may provide a pickup service, while others may require you to drop off your batteries at a specific location. Choose the buyer that best fits your needs and schedule.

Getting the Best Price

Getting the Best Price

Shop Around

Shop Around

When trying to find the best price for your dead car battery, it’s important to shop around. Call several scrap yards and recycling centers in the Reno area to find out what they are willing to pay for your battery. Don’t settle for the first offer you receive, as you may be missing out on a better price elsewhere.

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Watch Current Prices

The price of scrap metal, including lead and other components found in car batteries, can fluctuate based on market demand. Keep an eye on current prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. You can find up-to-date prices online or by checking with local scrap yards and recycling centers.

Consider Additional Services

Some scrap yards and recycling centers may offer additional services, such as pickup and removal of your dead car battery. While this may come with an additional cost, it can be a convenience factor that may be worth the extra expense. Additionally, consider any potential environmental fees that may be associated with the disposal of your battery.

  • Shop around to find the best price for your dead car battery
  • Keep an eye on current scrap metal prices to ensure you’re getting a fair deal
  • Consider additional services and potential environmental fees when making your decision

Why Recycling Matters

Protecting the Environment

Recycling is an essential practice that helps protect our environment from pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The production of new products requires the use of natural resources, such as oil, water, and land, and creates waste, which can harm our planet. When we recycle, we reduce the need for raw materials, conserve natural resources, and reduce pollution and waste. This helps ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy

Recycling saves energy by reducing the need for manufacturing new products from raw materials. The process of extracting raw materials, refining them, and manufacturing them into products requires a significant amount of energy. Recycling uses less energy, as it involves reprocessing existing materials, rather than starting from scratch. By conserving energy, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower our carbon footprint, and create a more sustainable future.

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Creating Jobs

Recycling creates jobs at every stage of the recycling process, from collection to processing and manufacturing. Recycling also creates jobs in related industries, such as transportation and logistics. These jobs provide employment opportunities, stimulate the economy, and contribute to the overall well-being of communities. By recycling, we can support the creation of green jobs and build a more sustainable economy.

Preserving Natural Resources

Preserving Natural Resources

Recycling helps preserve natural resources for future generations by reducing the demand for raw materials. Natural resources, such as forests, minerals, and water, are finite and can be depleted if not managed carefully. Recycling helps extend the life cycle of materials and reduces the need for more natural resources to be extracted. This helps ensure that we can meet our needs today without compromising the well-being of future generations.


Recycling is a critical practice that helps protect our environment, conserve energy and natural resources, create jobs, and promote sustainable development. By recycling, we can build a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. It is essential to make recycling a part of our daily routine and to promote awareness of its importance to our communities.


Where can I sell dead car batteries in Reno, NV?

You can sell dead car batteries in Reno, NV at recycling centers, metal scrap yards, and battery distributors.

How much do you get for a dead car battery in Reno, NV?

The value of a dead car battery varies depending on the current market prices for lead and other metals. Typically, you can expect to receive between $5 and $15 per battery.

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Can I recycle dead car batteries in Reno, NV?

Yes, you can recycle dead car batteries in Reno, NV. In fact, recycling your old car battery is not only good for the environment, but it can also earn you some extra cash.

Do I need to prepare my dead car battery before selling it in Reno, NV?

Before selling your dead car battery in Reno, NV, you should clean it and remove any plastic or rubber components. It’s also a good idea to drain any remaining electrolyte to prevent spills and accidents.

What do they do with dead car batteries in Reno, NV?

Dead car batteries in Reno, NV are typically recycled. The recycling process involves breaking down the battery into its component parts, such as lead and plastic, which can then be used to make new batteries and other products.

Can I sell a dead car battery online in Reno, NV?

While it’s possible to sell a dead car battery online in Reno, NV, it’s usually not the most convenient option. Most buyers prefer to inspect the battery in person before purchasing it, to ensure that it is in fact dead and hasn’t been tampered with.

What should I do with a dead car battery if I can’t sell it in Reno, NV?

If you can’t sell your dead car battery in Reno, NV, the best option is to recycle it. Many recycling centers and metal scrap yards will accept old car batteries and pay you for them. You can also check with your local government to see if they have any battery recycling programs.

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As a car owner in Reno, NV, I was curious to find out who buys dead car batteries in the area. This article provided some helpful information on where to sell them and what to look for when doing so. I appreciated the breakdown of the different types of batteries and the prices each can fetch. It’s good to know that a dead battery can still have some value and shouldn’t just be thrown away. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind next time I need to get rid of an old car battery. Overall, a useful and informative article for anyone in the Reno area looking to sell their dead car batteries.

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As a female driver living in Reno, NV, I found this article very informative. It’s frustrating to have a dead car battery taking up space in my garage, and I had no idea where to take it for disposal or if I could sell it. Learning about the different options for selling or recycling dead car batteries in Reno was incredibly helpful. I appreciate the emphasis on the environmental benefits of recycling and how it can prevent harmful chemicals from ending up in landfills. It also makes me feel good about contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. I will definitely refer back to this article the next time I need to get rid of a dead car battery. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

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As a car owner in Reno, NV, I found this article very useful. It’s always been a headache for me to dispose of dead car batteries. Knowing where I can sell them means extra cash in my pocket, which is always a plus. I also appreciate that the article emphasizes the importance of proper disposal of car batteries to protect the environment. It’s now clear to me that there are various options in Reno, NV to sell old batteries, and I plan on taking advantage of them to make some extra cash. Overall, a great article that provided valuable information to car owners in Reno, NV.

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