Who carries interstate battery near me

Interstate batteries are a popular brand known for their quality and durability. It is common to wonder where the nearest location is to buy such a product. If you are in need of a reliable supplier for your batteries, you may find yourself asking the question: who carries interstate batteries near me?

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Fortunately, Interstate batteries have an extensive network of dealers across the United States. From small mom-and-pop shops to national retailers, it is likely that you will find a supplier near you. Dealers carry a variety of Interstate batteries, including automotive, commercial, marine, and RV batteries.

To find a dealer near you, the easiest option is to simply use the Interstate Batteries website. The website has a “Dealer Locator” feature that will help you find a dealer in your area. All you have to do is enter your zip code or city and state, and the site will provide a list of the nearest dealers.

If you prefer to shop in person, you can also check with national retailers that carry Interstate batteries, including Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, and Pep Boys. They often have a large selection of the batteries in stock and can help you determine which one is best for your needs.

Overall, with the help of the Interstate Batteries website and national retailers, it should be easy to find a supplier near you for your battery needs.

Who Carries Interstate Battery Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re in the market for a new car battery and you’re wondering who carries Interstate battery near you, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Interstate batteries, including where you can buy them and what to look for when choosing one.

Where to Buy Interstate Battery

Interstate batteries are widely available and can be purchased at a variety of retail locations, including auto parts stores, battery specialty stores, and even big-box retailers. Some of the most popular stores that carry Interstate batteries include:

  • AutoZone
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Pep Boys
  • NAPA Auto Parts
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What to Look for When Choosing an Interstate Battery

When looking for an Interstate battery, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to make sure you choose the right one for your car. Some key factors to keep in mind include:

  • Battery size and compatibility with your car
  • Battery type (flooded, AGM, or gel)
  • Cold cranking amps (CCA) for cold weather performance
  • Reserve capacity (RC) for powering your car’s electrical system when the engine is off


With so many retail locations carrying Interstate batteries, it should be easy to find one near you. Just be sure to take the time to choose the right battery for your car to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

What Is Interstate Battery?

What Is Interstate Battery?

The Company’s History

The Company's History

Interstate Battery is a privately-owned company that was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1950. The company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket automotive batteries, with a vast range of batteries available for most vehicles.

The Products and Services Offered by Interstate Battery

The Products and Services Offered by Interstate Battery

Interstate Battery offers a wide range of batteries for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and golf carts. The company also provides batteries for home security systems, security and alarm systems, and backup power supplies. Apart from the manufacturing and distribution of batteries, Interstate Battery also offers battery installation services and performs free battery checks to its customers.

The Benefits of Interstate Battery

The Benefits of Interstate Battery

  • Quality – Interstate Battery applies strict quality control measures to ensure that all its batteries meet the highest standards.
  • Convenience – With over 200,000 dealers and distributors in North America, Interstate Battery is readily available to most customers.
  • Warranty – Most batteries sold by Interstate Battery come with warranties that range from 12-72 months, depending on the battery’s type.
  • Sustainability- The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using environmentally safe production processes, recycling used batteries, and promoting proper battery disposal techniques.
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Interstate Battery is a reliable and reputable company that provides quality aftermarket batteries to its customers. With a broad range of batteries for various vehicles and its widespread availability, it’s one of the most convenient and accessible options for purchasing and installing a new battery.

Why Choose Interstate Battery?

Why Choose Interstate Battery?


Interstate Battery has been a trusted name in battery technology for over 60 years. They are known for producing high-quality, reliable batteries that are built to last. Their products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.

Wide Selection

Interstate Battery offers a wide range of batteries for all types of applications, from cars and trucks to boats and motorcycles. Their selection includes batteries for all the major brands, including Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet.



Interstate Battery has a team of battery experts who can help you find the right battery for your needs. They can answer any questions you may have about batteries and can provide advice on how to maintain your battery for optimal performance.



Interstate Battery offers competitive prices on their batteries, making them a great value for consumers. They also offer a range of warranty options so you can have peace of mind knowing that your battery is protected.


Interstate Battery is committed to innovation and developing new battery technologies to meet the changing needs of their customers. They are constantly researching and testing new materials and designs to create batteries that are more powerful, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

  • In summary, Interstate Battery is a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable source for all your battery needs. With their wide selection, expertise, and commitment to quality and innovation, they are a top choice for consumers looking for the best in battery technology.
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Where Can You Find Interstate Battery Near You?

Where Can You Find Interstate Battery Near You?

1. Official Interstate Battery Dealers

If you’re looking for reliable Interstate Batteries, the first place to check is their official dealers. Interstate Battery has a network of authorized dealers all over the United States. To find an official dealer near you, visit the Interstate Batteries website and use their Dealer Locator tool. Enter your ZIP code or city and state, and the tool will provide you with a list of all the authorized dealers in your area.

2. Automotive Stores

Interstate Batteries are also available at various automotive stores across the United States. Top automotive stores like AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Pep Boys carry a range of Interstate Batteries. These stores are easily accessible and often have multiple locations in each city. Check with your nearest automotive store to see if they carry Interstate Batteries.

3. Online Retailers

3. Online Retailers

If you prefer the convenience of shopping online, then you’re in luck! Interstate Batteries are available on major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. You can easily search for the battery you need and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. However, be sure to check the seller’s rating and reviews before making your purchase to ensure that you’re getting a genuine Interstate Battery.

  • Make sure to purchase the right battery size for your vehicle
  • Remember to dispose of your old battery properly
  • Check for warranties or guarantees

With these tips in mind, you can easily find Interstate Batteries near you. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, Interstate Batteries has various options that will suit your needs.

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How Do You Choose the Right Interstate Battery Dealer?

How Do You Choose the Right Interstate Battery Dealer?

When it comes to purchasing new batteries for your vehicle or other electrical equipment, it’s important to choose a reputable dealer. Interstate batteries are known for their high quality and durability, but finding the right dealer can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Interstate battery dealer:

1. Find a Dealer with a Good Reputation

Start by asking friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations. You can also check online reviews to find local dealers with a good reputation. Look for dealers who have been in business for several years and have a track record of providing excellent customer service.

2. Look for a Dealer with a Wide Selection of Batteries

Interstate batteries come in a variety of sizes and types, so it’s important to find a dealer who carries a wide selection. This will ensure that you can find the right battery for your vehicle or equipment, no matter what your needs are. Look for a dealer who carries both automotive and commercial batteries, as well as other types of batteries like marine and RV batteries.

3. Consider Price and Warranty Options

Finally, consider the price and warranty options offered by the dealer. While you don’t want to choose a dealer solely based on price, you also don’t want to overpay. Look for a dealer who offers competitive pricing and a warranty on their batteries. Some dealers may also offer installation services or free testing to ensure that your battery is working properly.

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Overall, choosing the right Interstate battery dealer is important for ensuring that your vehicle or equipment runs smoothly. Consider reputation, selection, price, and warranty options when making your decision, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice from experts in the field.


Where can I find a store near me that carries Interstate batteries?

You can use the Interstate Batteries website to locate a store near you. Simply enter your zip code to see the nearest locations.

Do all auto repair shops carry Interstate batteries?

No, not all auto repair shops carry Interstate batteries. You should check with your repair shop beforehand to see if they carry this brand.

What is the average lifespan of an Interstate car battery?

The lifespan of an Interstate car battery can vary, but most typically last between three and five years.

Do I need to replace both batteries if only one has failed?

Not necessarily. It is recommended that you replace both batteries if they are a part of a dual battery system, but if only one has failed, it can be replaced individually.

Can I purchase an Interstate battery online?

Yes, Interstate Batteries has an online store where you can purchase their products.

What is the warranty on an Interstate car battery?

The warranty on an Interstate car battery varies depending on the type of battery. However, most have a warranty that ranges from 24-84 months.

What is the difference between an Interstate battery and other brands’ batteries?

Interstate Batteries are known for their high-quality materials and engineering, which often results in a longer lifespan and better reliability compared to other brands.

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Sophia Murphy

As someone who often travels long distances by car, having a reliable battery is crucial for me. That’s why I found myself searching for “who carries interstate battery near me” and stumbled across this helpful article. It’s great to know that there are various retailers and distributors across the country that carry Interstate batteries. I’ll definitely be checking out some of the suggested locations to ensure that I always have a durable battery for my travels. The author’s advice on checking the warranty before purchasing a battery was also really valuable. It’s clear that they put a lot of thought into providing useful information for readers. Overall, I found this article to be informative and incredibly helpful for anyone in need of a reliable battery.

Robert Murray

As a guy who loves tinkering with cars, finding a reliable battery supplier near me is crucial. Luckily, Interstate Batteries has been my go-to for years, thanks to their exceptional quality and customer service. Whether I need a new battery for my truck or my wife’s SUV, I know that I can count on Interstate to have what I need and get me back on the road in no time. Plus, their nationwide network of dealerships makes it easy to find a location near me when I need it most. Overall, I highly recommend Interstate Batteries to anyone looking for a trustworthy supplier of high-quality automotive batteries.

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Benjamin Foster

As a guy who loves working on cars, finding a reliable battery is a must. Reading about interstate batteries piqued my interest, but the real question is “who carries interstate battery near me?” Luckily with a quick search, I found out that there are plenty of auto shops and retailers that carry this brand. I was surprised to find out that places like Sam’s Club and Costco sell them! Not to mention, there are also authorized dealers and service centers that offer installation and warranty services. I feel confident that I can find a reliable interstate battery wherever I go, and I’m excited to try it out on my next car project!

Emma Wood

As a woman who is always on the go, I am constantly searching for reliable battery suppliers for my car, whether it be for a long road trip or daily commute. The search for the right battery can be a daunting task, but luckily, I stumbled upon the Interstate Batteries website and found a retailer near me that carries their products. What impressed me the most was the variety of batteries they offer and the fact that they are known for their dependability. I trust Interstate Batteries to keep me going, no matter the distance or terrain. So if you’re like me and need a battery supplier you can rely on, check out Interstate Batteries and find the nearest retailer to you!

Mia Edwards

As a woman who is always on the go, I rely heavily on my car’s battery to get me where I need to go. However, when my car battery needs replacing, it can be a challenge to find the right battery and the right retailer. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Interstate Batteries. Not only do they offer a wide range of battery options, but they also have a network of retailers all over the country, making it easy for me to find a store near me. Whether I’m driving across the state or just across town, I can easily search for “who carries Interstate Battery near me” and find a convenient location. Plus, their knowledgeable staff always helps me find the perfect battery for my car’s make and model. I highly recommend Interstate Batteries to anyone in need of a reliable and convenient battery solution.

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